Business Counsel

Business Counsel


We provide full-service representation and advise clients through each stage of the company’s lifecycle, including business entity selection, formation and financing, day to day contracting and employment issues, acquisitions and dispositions, liquidation and exit, and corporate governance. What is more, we can simultaneously advise on associated tax consequences.

Take steps to ensure your business effectively navigates the corporate and regulatory requirements.

We can help you:

  • Establish a new business
  • Select a proper business entity
  • Select a proper tax classification
  • Form an LLC
  • Form a corporation
  • Form partnerships and joint ventures
  • Assist with your B Corp qualification and certification
  • Navigate through corporate governance
  • Prepare minutes to formalize significant decisions
  • Prepare documents for stock options or other equity grants
  • Purchase a business or specific assets
  • Obtain secured financing
  • Convert to another business entity
  • Pursue on-time, full-payment for commercial accounts
  • File trademark and copyright registrations
  • Establish business policies to avoid disputes and misunderstandings
  • Prepare and file business documents with federal and state government
  • Complete an exit and corporate dissolution

We provide General Counsel services packages to startup and mature businesses.  Our General Counsel packages typically includes the following services for a flat monthly fee:

  1. Initial consultation to evaluate your needs
  2. Emails and telephone calls of up to 2 hours each month
  3. Legal advice regarding operations and structure
  4. Discount of 10% percent of drafting of documents
  5. Annual compliance review
  6. Annual policies and procedures review
  7. Provide industry news / regulatory / legal updates

We can customize the level of our General Counsel services to your unique legal needs and budget.

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Petrova Law is a boutique business law firm focused exclusively on tax and business law matters. The firm assists businesses with tax strategy, IRS representation, sales and purchases of businesses (M&A), and general corporate law from startup launch through growth and maturation to exit and succession.

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