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Dental Practice Purchase: Why Do I Need a Letter of Intent?

  If you are looking to purchase a dental practice, you need to present your offer to the selling dentist.  That is when a Letter of Intent comes in.  A Letter of Intent sets out the key terms of a transaction.  It paves the way for negotiating the purchase agreement and other major transaction documents…
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Force Majeure Provisions in the COVID-19 Era

  When entering into a written agreement, the parties are better off as they allocate risks and spell out their assumptions upfront.  This level of clarity maximizes the chances that the contract will be an effective means for resolving potential disputes. With the slowdown in business activity this year, businesses have been seeking to invoke…
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15 Best Practices for Employers and Businesses – COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

  Note: This is not legal advice.  This resource is for information purposes only and is provided solely to assist with navigating novel issues arising from COVID-19 (Coronavirus) risks.   Stay informed and monitor developments Communicate proactively with employees Disseminate public health guidance Implement public health guidance Educate employees about best practice for health and…
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