Frequently Asked Questions

A: Send Allie an email or call us at 336.310.1210 to discuss your matter and how we can help you.  Before we can begin representing you, we need to confirm there are no actual or potential conflicts of interest.  Then, we would provide with a copy of our engagement letter, which you can read and sign.

A: We value our clients and are client friendly.  At Petrova Law, you get the best of both worlds, personalized attention and tailored legal solutions combined with Allie Petrova’s big firm experience and business background.  Her solid tax background enables her to solve tax problems and arrange transactions in a tax efficient manner.  All at cost conscious pricing, which results in significant savings for quality legal representation.  Our clients expect and know they will get the personal attention they deserve.  To learn more, visit Philosophy and Why Petrova Law.

A: As a full-service business law firm, we handle a broad spectrum of legal needs for our clients.  From startup business counseling through general corporate matters to financings, acquisitions and sales of businesses, we give our clients the attention they need.  We pride ourselves in offering tax-sensitive business planning.  We handle IRS representation in federal tax audits and disputes, and seek settlements of back taxes and suitable resolution with the IRS for individuals and businesses.  For a complete list of our legal services, visit What We Do.

A: You need a business lawyer to protect your best interests.  A well drafted agreement can save you money and headaches if a dispute arises or a claim is filed in court.  Ms. Petrova assists her business clients with legal matters in all phases of their business operations, and provides counsel based on rigorous business experience.  To learn more, visit Allie’s attorney profile.  Consider using our Business Counsel Services for on-point business advice and assistance with identifying risks and opportunities in business negotiations.

A: Most actions in life and business are accompanied by tax consequences.  Tax is a complex field, which requires thorough understanding of our Internal Revenue Code and tax laws.  We remind our clients that the U.S. government at the federal and state levels takes tax matters with individuals and businesses with significant gravity.

If you are in business, you need a tax lawyer to resolve serious tax issues and advise you on structuring transactions from a tax perspective.  If you have received an IRS notice indicating you have a tax problem, a tax lawyer can take action on your behalf.  If you operate a nonprofit, a tax lawyer can assist you with obtaining tax exempt status and remaining compliant.

Ms. Petrova applies her experience and advanced tax training to handle a variety of tax problems and assists with proactive transaction planning.  To learn more, visit Allie’s attorney profile.  Consider using our Tax Counsel Services for strategic tax advice and assistance with identifying risks and opportunities in your tax profile.

A: In her work, Allie Petrova uses a unique blend of experience and formal education.  We invite you to visit Allie’s attorney profile.

Ms. Petrova has advanced legal training in tax law and extensive prior business experience, a rare combination in the legal world.  Ms. Petrova attended Georgetown University Law Center, where she earned her Juris Doctorate and Master of Laws in Taxation.  In Washington, D.C., Ms. Petrova attended Supreme Court hearings and worked on cases for the Superior Court of the District of Columbia.

Ms. Petrova applies her experience with the Internal Revenue Service, where she worked at the Office of Chief Council to analyze international tax matters and emerging legal issues arising from tax examinations of large businesses.  Also in Washington, she advocated on behalf of small businesses, nonprofits, and individual taxpayers at the National Taxpayer Advocate’s Office.

Ms. Petrova is well positioned to counsel multinational companies with her experience at European law firms and Ernst & Young in New York, an International Economic Law degree from La Sorbonne in Paris, and business experience in the finance departments of a Fortune 500 company and a private U.S. business with international operations.  Allie Petrova received her undergraduate degree in Business Administration and Economics with a Finance concentration and an Accounting minor from Greensboro College, where she graduated magna cum laude.

Attorney Petrova is admitted in North Carolina and New York.  To find out more, visit Allie’s attorney profile.

A:  The cornerstone of the firm is personal attention.  Communication is integral to our approach. To keep you up to date on ongoing matters, we include detailed descriptions in billing statements.  Scheduled meetings include time set aside for you to ask legal questions. We suggest you keep notes as you think of points on which you need clarification.  For your convenience, notepads are always available at our office.

You are also welcome to call us for a complementary status update.

A: Standardized “fill-in-the-blank” forms are, by definition, standardized.  They are not customized to fit individual circumstances, leaving potential gaps in documents and creating a false sense of protection for their users.  The benefit of hiring an experienced lawyer is that you can rely on a trusted advisor who will help you think strategically through key legal issues.  We take pride in providing small business owners and individuals with comprehensive legal services in a cost effective manner.

A: Transparency and easy billing are central to the firm’s core values.  We believe in collaborative and trusting relationships.  We know that clocking every minute of an attorney’s time can make fees unpredictable.  Each client works with a budget, and setting aside funds for unknown costs can be a challenge.

Our experience shows that discussing legal costs upfront helps with our clients’ peace of mind.  For this reason, we are open to discussing pricing upfront.  For certain document preparation, we can offer you flat fee packages, which means that you pay a fixed amount.  A flat fee arrangements allows us to build a true partnership with you founded on efficiency, predictability, and peace of mind.  Some matters require Ms. Petrova’s engagement on an hourly basis, and she gladly will discuss this with you in your initial meeting.

You can find out more in the Fees and Costs section.

A: We bill on a monthly basis for the work performed in the prior month.  At the conclusion of our first meeting or at any other time, we can sit down with you to go over billing options and answer your questions if you so choose.

A: Convenience to our clients is essential to our client relationships.  If you would like to make a payment by credit card, you can use our secure LawPay option for online payments by credit card.

Petrova Law is a boutique business law firm focused exclusively on tax and business law matters. The firm assists businesses with tax strategy, IRS representation, sales and purchases of businesses (M&A), and general corporate law from startup launch through growth and maturation to exit and succession.