What Our Clients Say

What do you like most about working with firm and with Attorney Petrova?

They took a real interest in all aspects of my business and treated me more like a friend than a client. She was very easy to talk to and she listened to my questions and offered valuable onsite and advice.  I can't thank her enough for all the help and support.

- Keim B., Executive

Confidence in the counsel I received.

- Dave D., Executive

Very easy to work with, fast and understandable answers to questions.

- Dr. Jenny B.

Answered all my questions. Looking out for my interests. Very good attorney.

- Trudy B., Executive

I really appreciate your diligence.

- Nathan D., Executive

She is very genuine and honest.  Her sincerity and she knows her stuff.

- Lynda F.

Notes of Client Appreciation:

Sounds like things are on track and moving in the right direction. Thanks for keeping on top of this and keeping us posted. You're the best!

As always thank you for your expert advice and help! It is deeply appreciated.

- Winston S.

Thank you again for your guidance and exceptional expertise!

- Virginia M.

Thank you for your good and wise counsel.

- Larry C., Executive

I also want to thank you both and [redacted] in absentia for making the acquisition happen correctly and for keeping me covered in case it went south. It turned out to be a great experience and so far, a really good opportunity. I am grateful for your help and if it is to happen again we have our “A Team”.

- Dave D., Executive

Thank you very much for all your great advice, recommendations and references. It has become so much easier to make up our minds now.

- Mariya Z., Executive

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