Meliora comes from Latin and means “better.”  More expansively, it means “ever better” or “for the pursuit of the better.”  At Petrova Law, it means that we are personally engaged in the community through volunteer and philanthropic efforts.

Pro Bono

We strongly believe in public service and pro bono assistance to individuals and groups of limited means.  What drives this commitment is our belief that pro bono work is the essence of a lawyer’s professional responsibility as part of the legal profession and the community.  We work directly with qualified legal aid organizations on matters that benefit from the firm's assistance.  If you believe that you may qualify for pro bono assistance, we invite you to contact Legal Aid of North Carolina or a law school clinic in your area.  You can find a list here.


We also are committed to sustainability through green practices.  We do our share to reduce our carbon footprint and conserve the environment for future generations through:

  • recycling of paper, plastic, and printer cartridges
  • double sided copying and printing of internal documents
  • teleconferencing instead of travel
  • use of paper and office materials with recycled content
  • use of electronic instead of paper filing, online resources, and e-faxing
  • operations through energy efficient office equipment, with lights and equipment in low power or off mode when not in use
  • educational tidbits in the newsletter about sustainability.